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What is Aset

Aset is a web platform and app that allows users to catalogue receipts, proof of purchase and warranty information for their items.

Aset was born out of necessity. The idea came into its infancy stage early 2018 after founder Rob Baxt, unknowingly purchased a stolen smartphone from an online marketplace. The seller became uncontactable after the sale and the smartphone was found and returned to its rightful owner. It was clear that there should be a safe and easy way to prove ownership of an item, receipts are too delicate and can easily be misplaced. After 12 months of development and further brainstorming of other features, Aset came into fruition early 2019.


As soon as you buy something, simply upload the details into Aset to have a cloud based record of your purchase and ownership.


Update your items history by including upgrades, personalizations and service history to your listing.

Buy and Sell

Easily and safely buy and sell items. Using Aset, you can transfer an items entire history including proof of purchase, warranty information and service history to its new owner in seconds!

App features

Aset acts as an all-in-one catalogue for all of your personal and business Aset’s, such as phones, computers, cameras, lenses and much more. Aset is a diverse platform that can be used for a myriad of different needs.
Key features include:

Cataloguing receipts, proof of purchase and warranty information for your Aset’s.

No more need for physical receipts. No risk of information being misplaced. All saved safely in the cloud with the ability to be accessed anywhere, anytime.
Record service history and upgrade information.

Easily record upgrades, personalizations, alterations and additions to your item.

Record service history in one easy to view place.

Ability to share an items catalogued information with prospective buyers.

Showcase your items history with ease by simply sharing the Aset page with the prospective buyer.

Capability to transfer all of an Aset’s history to the next owner, with proof of sale.

When you’re ready to sell, simply transfer ownership of your Aset to the buyer and all of the history and proof of sale will be added to the buyers Aset account.

Ability to record items as stolen and be notified if they pop up on platform.

You can also note items within your Aset account as stolen and you will receive a notification if that item is listed by another user on the Aset platform.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Aset?
Aset is a web platform and app that allows users to catalogue receipts, proof of purchase and warranty information for their items. For a full list of features see here.
What can I use Aset for?
Anything Aset can help with! Cataloguing receipts, helping control inventory, listing items for insurance purposes, keeping track of warranties. Aset has endless possibilities.
What is the fee structure?
Aset is a free app! The app is free to use the app and 100% unrestricted.
What security does Aset use to protect my information?
Aset stores all of your information on Amazon’s Cloud services which has the highest level of security and uptime available.
How do I know this information isn't fake?
Users have to sign up and verify their identity prior to using Aset. Ensure photos of items always match serial numbers. We can’t be 100% sure everything on here is perfect, we always recommend you do your own research prior to buying or selling.

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